About Us

Capsfeed Limited

We are an agro allied company for close to four(4) decades with keen interest in re-engineering the agro allied industry with special emphasis on livestock farming.

It is in our concern to become a relevant partner in bringing progress to the equipment aspect of our Small and Medium Scale farmers and processors. We provide imported agricultural processing equipment for the use of SMEs, Local Government, Rural communities and Cooperative societies.

This equipment have been so selected that they individually or collectively satisfy the need of any individual or group’s processing requirements which we believe would immensely assist not only in poverty alleviation and employment creation; but will also help in the processing of raw materials available in rural areas.

The value added to such raw materials inevitably increasing the income of rural dwellers and young graduates.


Range of Equipment

Over the years, the Agricultural Small and Medium Scale Enterprise situation in West Africa has been of utmost concern to us; our area of specialization being the provision of Agro allied equipment has moved us to provide rugged equipment used for processing;

1. Cassava (Garri and Flour)
2. Rice
3. Vegetable Oil / Cake (Groundnut and Soya Bean)
4. Animal Feed [fish/poultry]
5. Full Fat Soya (Extruding and Toasting)
6. Weighing scale